Friday, April 8, 2011

Clockwork Orange in Black

A little Clockwork Orange in Black. Black skating dress, boys prep school tie, girls prep school knee socks, leather studded sandals, english bowler...  I put this look together for this shoot over in Belmont Shores back alleys...  Eva is a great model and these are cute shots... hope you like...

Model: Eva Gonzales
Photog: Kevan Wilkinson
Styling: Corey Tess Trujillo
Hair: Steffani Tavanlar
Make Up: Veronica Garcia


  1. these aren't retouched, so you can see the wrinkling in the dress from when she sat down, but I thought i would put them up as is... retouching sometimes makes for a better photo and sometimes just takes away from the rawness... i may retouch a few and repost later...